Watermarked Ltd are currently involved in several different projects within the hospitality industry.

We also have several projects we are currently working on one of which is Putloe. Putloe has a wonderful setting next to the canal and will become a beautiful venue for special events. More information will be available very soon!!

Our aim is to offer the best service at a reasonable price in a great atmosphere! We want all of our businesses to be full of character and each have their own individuality. Each business can be a great place for local people, businesses, families and tourists to eat, drink and socialise whilst being unique and having its own personality to suit it’s town or village.

Watermarked Ltd is not a chain, it’s ran by a group of young local people who are vibrant, like-minded enthusiasts that have a keen interest in sustainability. We thrive to succeed in what we do whilst having as much fun as possible!